Monday, October 4, 2010

New Old Store Stock Vintage Laces Just Added

I am THRILLED that I finally got my brand new scanner up and running. New items have been piling up waiting to be added as my old scanner, which was 15 years old, finally died. It was my last really old piece of equipment left and it kept kicking for a long time. It was an HP and so old HP decided not to even bother updating drivers anymore. So when I got my new computer I just could not find a compatible driver anymore. I actually found the old driver but if was 3" floppy, who has those anymore? Thnx I know have an Epson Scanner that I LOVE! are some new old store stock french cotton laces in different colors:
Click here to see them on my site: Vintage Lace


DollZandThingZ said...

I have an Epson now, too. Same story as you. New PC, no compatible HP drivers. I have had it a few years and like it.

Lace looks great!

Janine Crocker said...