Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday and UFDC

I awoke on Thursday well rested with not a thing to do. It was glorious. Imagine, a morning to do nothing but work on my projects, read a book, take a leisurely bath and sleep again if I so desired. I caught my housekeeper early for some extra coffee, plopped that “Privacy” sign on my door, and snuggled away. Rain clouds loomed. All I needed was a fireplace; I had the murder mystery going already. The morning came and went and I found myself leisurely, not hurriedly, walking to Bockwinkles for some goodies for lunch. I sat outside to eat and the phone rang. Hubby calling to check up, he’s missing me. Right in the middle of that conversation drip, drip, drip, deluge! I thought I could get back before getting soaked and I nearly did. I had plenty of time to dry off, gather my tools for my last workshop.
Today, Cheryl Manard, was introducing us to a leather travel case for our French Fashion Dolls. It even came with the toiletry items. I have to admit now that I did not finish the case. I wanted to do something my way. I was also unsure of how many items I wanted to add to my case. I lack only the gluing in of the lining and the additions. This was a more complex case than I was used to making in a workshop, but I was able to make the whole thing and I am happy with the results. Cheryl was a good teacher.
Publisher’s Preview would open at 7:00 PM and I promised Judy I would get her a book. First things first, suppertime. Stetson’s is the high-end steakhouse inside the hotel. Why not, I had been eating sandwiches and maintaining my good balance all week. I certainly had walked enough for it. I ordered a filet and steamed broccoli. I did not order potatoes or desert. However, I did indulge in fresh bread with real butter. The service was so great. I had forgotten to order the sauce for my filet and when I got my waiter’s attention he said, “You wanted the Béarnaise?” How did he know? He had already ordered it for me. He surprised at the end with two chocolate covered strawberries, which I ate slowly.
I managed to figure out the crush called Publisher’s Preview in time to get the very last book for my friend Judy, and was able to get it signed. I was able to pay for and order my own, but it has not yet shown. I am sure it will soon. It is coming from France and I cannot wait. I purchased some new patterns and renewed my subscriptionn to the French Fashion Review. It’s all good!
Tomorrow, the banquet!

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DollZandThingZ said...

Wonderful reporting! I love the page that you made with the travel case. That case is really very nice. I really appreciate your reporting. It is just like being there..and I also love the references to the food you ate!