Thursday, June 3, 2010

Follow up post....Baby Dress

In late December I told you about the dress I made for my new cousin, Emma Jean. The baby shower was in January and Emma was born March 1st and we were so delighted. On March 9 she got all dressed up. My biggest worry was the dress was going to be too small for her by the time she could wear it. Not to worry, she can wear it a couple more times. She is swimming in it right now. But with mom's permission I can show her all dressed up.
Not shown is the slip I finally got around to making and a matching hat. Too cute.


Shelley said...

Definitely made with love! Gorgeous baby, gorgeous dress!

DollZandThingZ said...

So lovely! What a doll she is--and the pink is perfect on her. You did a great job.

michellemahler said...

Wow, such a beautiful baby dress. I know the work and time that you put into making that beauty. Several years ago, I took a class in French Hand Sewing by Machine and loved every minute. Our project was a pillow with embroidered initial. When I was waiting for my adopted son to arrive, I made a christening gown (McCall's pattern, which I wish I could find again cause I would make it to sell). It had embroidery on the front panel and at the neck. The back panels curved around to the top so that when you held the baby the piece hung down and all could view the dress. I had planned to put the dress in a glass frame but the price was prohibitive so now I am in process of making a porcelain doll to wear it. Thank you for sharing. Oh, by the way, the baby is an original also. She is adorable.

michellemahler said...

Hello Kathi:

The Chisten Dress is absolutly beautiful something to past on generations., Emma Jean is so beautiful just like one of your dolls, I´m sure she´ll treasure this picture true all her long life!
You are such a giving person and put up so much love in what you do , that we can fell it when we look at your art.

God Bless.

From México