Monday, November 9, 2009 Cute!

Hello, Bleuette Fans-

In an effort to expand the pattern line I am working with Nada Christensen to make patterns for her wonderful 4 ½” Bleuette. She has the cutest little composition body. (Other heads are available as well. See

To get you started I have created a pattern for her undergarments and shoes and some small stockings. You can add tucks or trim the legs to make them shorter. Inspiration for this pattern derived from the original Nous Habillons Bleuette pattern from August 1916. I have created the pattern anew but tried to keep the integrity of the original.
With the second pattern, Bleuette can play at school or jumping rope with her friends. Inspired by the original pattern for Bleuette published October 1920, I have created the jumper shown originally called Robe Sans Manches or Dress without sleeves. I have been true to the original depiction and have even included directions for making her sweet jump rope.

Patterns and fabrics are available from Michelle at The Doll Artist’s Workshop, or form Nada Christensen. See her website for show schedules near you.

Have Fun! Kathi

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