Friday, May 1, 2009

Presentation Box

There are those who are minimalists and have the bare necessities about them. They lead uncomplicated (in the decorating sense, that is) lives. Then there are the “more is more” and “more is better” crowd who have great joy in having things and showing them, and enjoying their collections and items every single day. I define myself as an “in the middlest.” I tuck things away, and I see them when I open a drawer, or a closet. I really do not like things on my cabinets, or on the tops of tables, or setting out too much. Truthfully, I know to put my collections together for a more dramatic presentation and I am guilty of spreading a few things out. I do try, but I am not so great at it. (No matter how many decorating shows I watch.)

I created this little box as a Christmas present for my friend. It is one way, I can keep my collections of little things together and tuck them away satisfying the need to create, gather all my ideas in one place, and blend many artistic elements into one little space. It was a way to celebrate her first grandchild, a boy, who had been born last year.

I have broken the box down to share with you over a few days so you can see the element contained within it. The card box purchased from Hobby Lobby was covered in scrapbooking paper, baby trims and items borrowed from the internet. The whole idea is mine, but nothing new to doll collectors who know presentation boxes have been popular for generations.

The second picture shows the box opened displaying his tiny layette. The doll is 1 ½” long. The inside of the box decorated with scrapbooking paper, and each section has a tiny pillow secured to the opening with the items pinned, tied or glued in place.

Please enjoy, I hope you will be inspired. More details are on the way!

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