Thursday, May 20, 2021


May 20

For three years we have been in a state of disorganization and remodeling.  If anyone has moved and lived in the house during remodeling, you understand completely the stress and discombobulation that I describe. 

The house is nearly complete.  There are some smaller projects that need doing but for now, we are taking a building break.  Once the upstairs was “finished” I started opening boxes and putting things away.  Apparently, I need to purge some more.  I am so overwhelmed with the organizing at this point. 

I have followed along with Cas Aarsen of Clutterbug.

Purchasing her book has allowed me to read slower and digest her advice.  I have been an organizer from childhood practically and am trying desperately to drop excessive habits.  I am Cricket in her test, with some crossover bits of a ladybug.   I am trying desperately to be a patient Cricket, waiting for perfection by first macro-organizing.  Apparently, according to Cas and I identify with what she is suggesting, I am an overthinker and an over organizer…for now.  This process is difficult for me.  She has in her blog and videos suggested that I first MACRO organize.  In the middle of this wonderful exercise of using a big bin and putting everything in it for this one subject, for example, sewing machine accouterments.  , I find I am putting smaller boxes in that big box that is supposed to be for general organizing.  Stopping that micro-organizing is a bit of a challenge.  I sort into different categories.  Don’t let me get started on miniatures, paleez!    

When I first moved from the “big house “I downsized by half.  The first decision was to define what I actually wanted to do in hobbies as it was apparent, I was not going to continue down the road of doing everything I pleased.  (Anyone who is into doll making or costuming knows it is hard to give it all up as we use all those skills in this one pursuit.)  I pared down ruthlessly.  Not quite enough, though.  Getting my 30’ X 15’ hobby room to a 12’ X 12’ room was excruciating.  I wound up using a wall in the garage as well. 

Not long after that endeavor, we moved again.  The space is similar, but the rooms organized a different way.  Here we go again! I still have too much. 

Am working on divesting myself of dolls, miniatures, fabrics, tools, excess projects, it is a chore.  So, my friends, I have been overwhelmed with sorting, purging, donating, trashing (why did I save that piece of paper or that inch of fabric?  And no, it cannot become an inchie art piece!) 

Upstairs in this “new to us” home, there are three rooms.  One is a nice guestroom for us, the second is a similar in size third bedroom.  This to be my sewing room as it has a large picture window.  And finally, the bonus at the top of the stairs is a closet built into the rafters and finished off.  This is my stock room.  Well, it will be when I finish as right now the whole house feels like my stockroom. 

The bedroom is a sorting and stacking station for each “leg” of the organizing.  The stockroom is still sort of a hide it space, and I am working on it, box at a time.  I have a large organizing chest from a Paula Deen furniture collection, and now 6 Alex cabinets.  The taller 9 drawer ones.  They are currently in a state of reorganization, too.  The hope is when I am finished and labeled, that the cabinets will all be straightened out and everything centered, and pretty.  (I want pretty so badly!)

                This is the stacked-up guest room.  Thankfully, we have no visitors at this time.  

The Sewing or display room is being sorted more and more.  It is beginning to look like a real workroom and will have a pretty display on the bookshelves and the cabinet.  Another Paula Deen furniture piece called "The Bag Lady."
                        This will be a nice display and sewing machine corner when completed.  
                                        Currently in a holding pattern.  But a good workplace.  
    It's a start!  I hope this will be pretty, too.  I need to have some skilled doll ladies help me with the                                                                                 display.  

Frankly, the overwhelm has frozen me from doing the things I love.  I have pulled three unfinished projects and taken them downstairs.  Removed from the mess upstairs, I am working on those projects.  The break is greatly needed. 

And if you are unaware of Cas and the Clutterbug theories, you can click on the link above and watch her show Hot Mess House,  Or stream on Discovery Plus. 

The book I purchased was this one.  (no affiliate sponsor) The Clutter Connection.  

Can be found wherever you find your books.  

Have Fun! 



Carrie said...

Great post Kathi! I am off to check out the site you mentioned.

Marian said...

Espero que termines la organización de tu casa para que encuentres tiempo para divertirte con tus proyectos.
Un saludo