Sunday, January 11, 2015

Art Doll Challenge

There has been and Art Doll Challenge going on on Facebook and lately my feed has been so divine that I just had to share some of the images.   Be still my heart, all these wonderful creations.  Enjoy!
Michelle Mahler

Anna Hardman
 Anna Zueva
  Carla Goncalves
Connie D'Angelo
 Forest Rogers
  Gerda Schaarman Rijsdijk
 Paulette Goodreau
Renata Jansen
 Rosa Grueso
  Susie McMahon
Valentina Yakovleva
Marilyn Radzat 


Elizabeth S said...

Every one of these dolls are Fascinating! I cannot pick a favorite either. The creativity TALENT and the imaginations that are expressed individual creations, is Phenomenal!
Thank you for sharing these "Drool-worthy" dolls! :D


Susan McMahon said...

This is a lovely post........and thanks for including my "three sisters"! The Art Doll Challenge has been fun, hasn't it? I wonder who started it off?