Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Kit - Yummy Downton Inspiration and Oh That Hat!

As the popularity of “Downton Abbey” continues, the desire for Edwardian (Titanic) Dresses, post war and now Deco dresses are in demand. “Titanic” dresses are in constant demand for me so we are getting a bit of a wardrobe of them. I think it is time to pack a Steamer trunk. Inspired by a collection in Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the dress, hat, and bag is our newest pattern to La Petite Belle Patterns. The sample is dated 1910. This dress and all the wonderful and historical wardrobe items are incredible. What an exhilarating place it is! The original dress belonged to Miss Heather Firbank (1888-1954) I have taken some license and actually combined two dresses of similar line and era and added a slight train to make it a little more interesting. My goal was to make the hat filled with Sweet Peas as this one was, but the challenge was great. I have opted to cover the hat with small punched flowers of multi colors and get us really close to the original. Of course, with any pattern, the creativity is yours; the pattern is the springboard for your own ideas. The handbag is not new, but it goes together a little differently, so I hope you like the style. It is made of leather- like fabric so take your time and do your best work. Diagramming is not my strongest suit, but I did do some systematic drawings and hope it is not too difficult. I do hope you enjoy making this dress. With quality supplies in an exclusive and limited kit from Doll Artist’s Workshop, you can have this vignette complete in a weekend. Take your time, it is much easier than you think, and it has some new techniques you might enjoy.  Find the kit and pattern here:Kit
Have Fun
Kathi Mendenhall


elizabeth s said...

What a great dress and hat! Truly a small work of art as you have managed to translate the Downton Abby flavor into each tiny detail. Well done! :D

Dolores said...

Excellent Kathi!!!! I have been waiting for another of your wonderful patterns and this one is fantastic. Great work - as usual!

Kathi Mendenhall said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! It was an interesting dress to interpret. I actually combined a couple of ideas and made it several times to get it right. It's the details that make it. Enjoy! Kathi

Angeles Sanchez said...

Los vestido , muy bonitos