Friday, May 13, 2011

Modern Miniature Settings

Ever sine I had my daughter I have been jonesing to dress a Barbie or other larger fashion dolls. I have not had any time of yet...but maybe someday. In my travels around the web in the large modern doll world I ran across Maryann Roy. Her company is called Welcome Home. She even has a jingle which I thought was so cute.

A little about Maryann and her company:

Welcome Home” – This is my artistic desire to design and create visually pleasing settings in 1:6 scale, for collectors of fashion dolls, toy companies, doll magazines, and miniature aficionados.

You will find my work in Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, where I am a regular contributor. I have been featured in American Miniaturist magazine as well as Dolls and have an upcoming feature in Haute Doll Magazine. I also occasionally contribute work to Integrity Toys for their line of dolls – Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty, Nu Face, etc. And, you can always find me on the web at :, as well as several doll boards.

It is my passion to add another dimension to your doll collecting. Make them more entertaining, exciting and pleasing to look at by incorporating a living world all their own. “Welcome Home’ is the way to do this. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

“Where does YOUR doll live?”



Very exciting as she now as gone miniature with 1:12 scale furnishings.
So hip! So Cool!!
You can find Maryann's Blog at: Welcome Home
Michelle Mahler Doll Artist's Workshop

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Diane Costanza Studio said...

This brings back memories of the original Barbie dream house that was in this very 50's style and all the furniture, not to mention the house was in cardboard. My best friend inherited it from a neighbor and we played with it for hours!