Monday, April 25, 2011

Mary Kathleen Part 3

The Apron
I cannot imagine the help women needed to dress in days gone by. Making this evening dress made me think about how much has changed in the last 50 years and the last 150 years. So much HAS changed. I do love jeans and t-shirts. (Or a turtleneck with a pretty sweater in winter)

The apron shown front and back is of ivory and blue taffeta. The blue is very fine. The embroidery is silk ribbon set along the side. The flaps showing the lining fold to the front the position secured with tiny baby buttons. (I really debated covered buttons, but they were just not “right” so I went with these.) The reverse of the bib shows hooks attached. These will fit into thread loops on the front of the skirt. We don’t want her apron to flap while dancing, do we?

Notice the elastic loops, yes there was elastic then, fit the buttons attached just below the waistband. The apron covers the front closures, front and side views demonstrate this.


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Patty said...

Michelle, It is coming along beautifully! I love this doll's face!