Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finding Time for "Put Off" Tasks

I have been busy today doing things I have been putting off for over a year. Hubby took kids fishing for a few hours so I started dyeing. Dyeing and kids generally don't mix!! So I always seem put it off. It started when I bought this silk fabric with these great little teeny weenie diamonds woven in. When I got it the color was awful..I thought I was getting eggshell and it was a dull gray beige. REALLY dull and yucky. So I cut of a few yards of it, tossed it in the kitchen sink for dyeing. I had nothing to loose as I already lost out by buying it. I used the Colorhue dyes to dye up a batch in pink. Because Colorhue dyes are transparent they did not completely cover the gray/beige. So I got this wonderful rose color. After such great results I called up and ordered 10 more yards of that awful fabric. That 10 yards has been sitting on my table for year WAITING for time and inspiration to dye more. I figured since I was alone for a few hours and it is a HOLIDAY I could "waste" a bit of time doing something I never have time for. I am THRILLED. The colors I got are fabulous.
I got a sage green, an amethyst and a powder dusty blue along with the dusty rose. They are so vintage-y. Just like you got them out of Grandmas trunk. So I was further inspired to edge dye some ribbon...another project I have put off for months. I took some of the bias cut dupioni silk ribbon and rolled it up. I tried it on white, lavender and the cameo color. I am really pleased with the results. I see the possibilities. Now I wish I had more time to DYE!You can find the dyes here: Colorhue Dyes
The silk ribbon here: Bias Cut Ribbon but you could use any silk ribbon or trim.
The dyed fabrics here: Grandma's Silks
Michelle Mahler Doll Artist's Workshop

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DollZandThingZ said...

WOW! How pretty! What a great idea. What beautiful results! Thanks for the tutorial...I have lots of white silk ribbon. Hope that it comes out as beautiful as yours!