Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make a Silk Lily Bouquet

Make a Silk Lily Bouquet
By Kathi R. Mendenhall
La Petite Belle Patterns 2010

I created this lily for the first time in 1996. The tutorial was published in Dolls in Miniature, The Magazine. There were only diagrams at the time. The bouquet was a combination of roses and lilies. This tutorial with pictures is lilies only. I hope you enjoy the re-write. A bouquet can be a very simple project, but remember simple and easy are not necessarily quick. The making of the lilies may take you a little time. I have completed three lilies and five leaves to make the bouquet pictured.
Collect Your Supplies
4 mm white silk ribbon
4mm green silk ribbon
Yellow or ecru silk thread
Green size 30 florists wire
White size 30 florists wire
Black marker Cut the pieces (Makes 3 Lilies)
Cut 5 one inch pieces of green wire
Cut 18 one inch pieces of white wire
Cut 18 one inch pieces of white ribbon
Cut 5 one inch pieces of green ribbon
Cut 18 one-half inch pieces of silk thread
Make the Petals and Leaves
Glue a white wire 1/2” into the 1-inch piece of ribbon.
Fold ribbon over and close edges.
Dot the end of the silk thread with black marker.
Glue one tip to lower edge of petal.
Glue the green stem to the middle of the green ribbon.

Trim the Corners of the Petals
Clip each corner of the petals approximately 45°at both ends of the petals.
Complete one flower.
You have 6 petals and two leaves or less, it is up to you.

Make up the flowers
Place 6 petals together all with the threads facing in.
Dot some glue along the stems and wrap with silk ribbon.
Shape the petals by rolling out the tips and leaving the remaining petal in a cone shape.
A finished flower is left.
A complete bouquet
Complete three flowers as you did this one. Complete 5 leaves. Join all the flowers and the leaves together with a little glue holding the stems together.
Wrap the stems together with more white silk ribbon.
Trim the bottom stems even as seen below left.
Shape the leaves and flowers to suit.
Pose with your doll or in your shop.
Beautiful bouquets can be made by adding silk roses, or painting the lilies with watercolor pens. To add streaming buds, use only three petals and turn only the tips out for the buds.


Carol Kubrican said...

These are beautiful! Your directions are so clear. I can't wait to try them.

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Muchas gracias no conocia su tutorial, pero me encanta¡¡¡ queda un ramo muy hermoso. Saludos. Carmen

DollZandThingZ said...

Thank you for the tutorial. Lovely bouquet!

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That is very effective - beautiful!

Ascension said...

Te ha quedado genial!!!!
Muchisimas gracias por el tutorial
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Tallulah Belle said...

Thanks for the tutorial...they are beautiful.

Kathi Mendenhall said...

I hope everyone can take some time to make one of these silk bouquets. I am working on coming up with more ideas for your doll making. Kathi

Kathi Mendenhall said...

Thank you to everyone who comments. We appreciate your interest.
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