Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

Michelle has been "after me" for some time to make a new set of baby patterns. I figured there was nothing new to make and had put it off for quite some time. Last summer while it was deliriously warm, the topic came up again on the Mini Doll Group and so I entertained the idea once more.
I found there were many things people would like to have and started with a list of wants. These patterns are the first results of that endeavor. I started with the basics of blankets and diapers, diaper pins and diaper bags. Babies go home in nifty things, but when I was young, a diaper shirt and a warm blanket. Let’s face it; diaper changing is the main function and ease of changing is first and foremost in a young, or old, mother’s mind. There is a diaper stack with baby pins and diapers to wear. A cute onesie pattern is included for fun. The second pattern contained things for baby’s first picture or events in a baby’s life, like Christening. There are embroidered dresses and jumpsuits, and Christen clothes, as well as a fun lace dress that smocking will add to greatly, and boy’s jumper with a funky little hat. I hope you enjoy making these little things.
Click here to see the complete section of patterns and kits available: KITS

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