Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tutorial - Make Your Own Tassels

Step One
Gather your tools. Judee’s TasselMaker©, floss, scissors and some tape. If you have an old, clean toothbrush for fraying the tassel edges, use it. Not pictured, but a tool I like to use is a dental cleaner. (It has a handle with the “Christmas Tree” brush on the end of it.) Floss of your choosing. Step Two
The tool comes with pins set for your first set of tassels. In this demonstration, I make large tassels so you can see them. When using the tool for most of my miniature projects, I make multiple tassels tying off the tops and the bottoms.

Step Three
Pull a 6-strand length of floss from your skein. Tie a knot in one end and separate the strands. (You might notice I am working on a pinning board. My board is made of ceiling tile or foam core and covered with gingham.)
Step Four
Per the instructions provided with your tool, place the separated strands over the pin to create some tension. Begin passing the 6 strands over and under the pins in a serpentine manner. Keep good tension, but it does not have to be “tight".
Step Five
Continue to the end of the pins.
Step Six
When you reach the last pin, wrap around the pin and follow the course back to starting point and the original knotted end.
Step Seven
Securely tape the remaining floss to hold the tension.
Step Eight
Thread a needle with one strand of floss and tie a knot.
Step Nine
Place the knot over the pin as you did with the original knot, proceed up to the first pin and tie a surgeons knot(*see below) over the floss. This will join two sides of each loop.

Step Ten
Wind the floss under the bottom pin and back to the top. Bring the thread around the pin and tie another surgeon’s knot. Continue in this manner until all of the knots are completed. (You can tie knots on the lower pins as well, depending on the size and number of tassels you require.)
Step Eleven
Place a dot of glue on each knot to secure it.
Step Twelve
Steam the floss and let it cool.
Step Thirteen
Remove the bottom pins. (If you are making lower tassels and upper tassels, leave the pins and go to step 14.)
Step Fourteen
Cut away the bottom edge of the tassels longer than your desired finished size.
Step Fifteen
Comb (a lot) the threads until they begin to fray. Keep combing until they shine and are satiny.
Tutorial by: Kathi of
The Tasselmaker can be find at Doll Artist's Workshop Tasselmaker
Instead of Embroidery floss why not try silk thread? Once unraveled its natural twist makes fabulous tassels: Silk Thread
Here is a picture of a doll I made using the silk thread. The tassels are on her boots.

* Surgeons Knot

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